The ACMA successfully held the Spring Concert of the Year of the Dragon at the Palais Palffy in Vienna

“Under the brilliance of China, youth is magnificent; under the brilliance of China, thoughts are broad.” On February 23rd, the Austrian Chinese Musician Association (ACMA) successfully held the Spring Concert of the Dragon Year at the Parlf Palace in Vienna. Musicians and people from various circles in China and Austria gathered together, exchanging blessings with songs and piano melodies, celebrating the Lunar New Year of the Dragon in 2024, welcoming a brand new, peaceful, and blossoming spring.

Consul Jin Hui, Consul Wei Ting, Nancy Franco, Political Counselor of the Embassy of the Dominican Republic in Austria, Austrian National Councilor Mag Ruth Bechler, Dr. Wendelin Etermaier, Austrian politician and diplomat, Dr. Werner Fasslabend, former Austrian Minister of Defense, Ferdinand Tiefnig, member of the Austrian Federal Assembly, Hongbin Kaminski, Executive Secretary of the Austria-China Friendship Association, Jan Wei, Economic Advisor to the Austrian Federal Chancellor, political figures, diplomats, musicians, artists, representatives of major Chinese communities in Austria, and more than 130 people attended the concert. The concert was hosted by Sebastian Long, President of the European High-Tech Innovation Association and Director of the Austrian Innovation Ecosystem.

Austrian Chinese Musicians Association Long Qin  (second from left) with Austrian opera singer and world-famous open-air opera Operim Steinbruch St. Margarethen Artistic Director and Honorary President of the Australia-China Music Association Daniel Serafin (first from right), Nancy Franju (second from right), Political Counsellor of the Dominican Republic and the Embassy of the Dominican Republic in Austria, and Xu Yichi (first from left)

At the beginning of the concert, in a warm applause, the President of Austrian Chinese Musicians Association Long Qin with excited mood on the stage to deliver a speech. First, on behalf of all the members of the Austrian Chinese Musicians Association, she sent the most sincere and warm Chinese New Year wishes to the Chinese and Austrian guests. Long Qin said that the “dragon” is a symbol of Chinese civilization and a spiritual totem, carrying the beautiful meaning of courage, vitality and good luck. Dragon culture not only shines in China, but also has been brought to the world by overseas Chinese friends. Traditional Chinese programs such as dragon dance are favored by more and more westerners.

Speech by Long Qin, President of Austrian Chinese Musicians Association

Long Qin said that the core concept of the Austrian Chinese Musicians Association is to promote the cultural exchanges between China and Austria and enhance the friendship between the two peoples through music, a universal and beautiful language. We believe that by bridging the cultural gap between China and Austria, we can build deeper friendship and cooperation. We hope to use music as a catalyst to build a harmonious relationship that appreciates each other and thrives together.

Austrian opera singer, world-renowned open-air opera Oper im Steinbruch St. Margarethen artistic director, and honorary chairman of the Austrian-Chinese Musician Association, Daniel Serafin, expressed his enthusiasm during his speech at the event. He mentioned that during his visit to Ningbo, China last year, he was deeply impressed by the openness, inclusiveness, diligence, and professionalism of Chinese culture and people. He also learned that many Chinese musicians aspire to establish themselves in European cities like Vienna.

As the artistic director of Oper im Steinbruch St. Margarethen, Serafin emphasized that his responsibility is to discover and promote more outstanding musical talents, regardless of their backgrounds. The high-quality music performances and talents he encountered during his visit to Ningbo have strengthened his determination to engage in more cultural collaboration projects with China in the future. He aims to provide a global stage for Chinese musicians to showcase their talents.

Speech by Daniel Serafin, Honorary President of the Australia Chinese Musicians Association

Daniel Serafin said that promoting music and cultural undertakings in China and Austria will undoubtedly further promote the cultural and economic development of Austria. Therefore, he will remain committed to his role in the Austrian Chinese Musicians Association and invite all stakeholders present here to engage in deeper and closer cooperation with China and the Austrian Chinese Musicians Association.

Lan Gan solo singing “The Lantern Festival Night”

Xu Yichi solo singing “Ihr Stillen, Süssen Frau’n”

Sara Glawischnig singing ”This is Me“

Michael Kubi Mensah singing ”Rainbow Girl”

Angelo Pollak singing “Wien, Du Stadt Meiner Träume”

Prof. Christopher Hinterhuber interpretation “Die Moldau”

Liang Qijun interpretation “Happy Pamir”

Chinese and Austrian musicians singing “Me and My Motherland”

After the concert, Chinese and Austrian guests raised their glasses and exchanged New Year greetings. Wish Austrian Chinese Musicians Association continue to grow and develop, bless the music and culture of Austria and the two countries thriving, bless Austria-China friendship everlasting, bless each and every one present, Chinese, the best future!

The New Year’s Concert was sponsored byNingbo Helen Piano which is a Chinese brand in the world piano industry and Esterhazy which was a family brand during the 17th century Austro-Hungarian Empire. Thanks!