Central Conservatory of Music Visits ACMA

Vienna recently played host to a distinguished delegation from the Central Conservatory of Music, Beijing. The delegation, led by Director Feng Yu, was received in an elegant reception by the ACMA President, Simone Long. The focus of the evening lay on the crucial topic of collaborations within the cultural sphere.

In attendance were not only Director Feng Yu but also Ms. Ulrike Sych, Director of the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna (MdW), Ms. Susanne Kurz, former President of the Federal Council Austria, Ms. Hongbin Kaminski-Zhang, Executive Secretary General at the Austrian-Chinese Society for Culture and Friendship (ÖGCF), active Professor for violin at MdW Elisabeth Kropfitsch and many other outstanding personalities from culture and business.

The evening’s conversation centered around the exploration of various facets of cultural collaboration and the importance of continued engagement between Austria and China. The attendees outlined new pathways for future projects, emphasizing that these connections are not only desirable but vital in preserving and enhancing the universal language of music and art.

ACMA President Simone Long warmly received the delegation and expressed optimism for future collaborations. The congenial atmosphere, marked by inspiring dialogues, set the perfect tone for nurturing this significant cultural relationship.