Ningbo Symphony Orchestra in Austria August 2024

Ningbo Symphony Orchestra in Austria August 2024

Bridging Cultures Through Music

The Ningbo Symphony Orchestra, renowned for its profound artistry and cultural significance, is set to captivate audiences in Vienna, Austria, with two exceptional performances on August 2nd and August 3rd, 2024. These concerts, conducted by the esteemed Yu Ji, will highlight the orchestra’s versatile repertoire and dedication to bridging cultures through the universal language of music

Ningbo Symphony Orchestra in Ningbo



About Ningbo Symphony Orchestra

Founded in 2015, the Ningbo Symphony Orchestra has risen to prominence in the global classical music scene. Based in Ningbo, China, the orchestra is celebrated for its dynamic performances and innovative programming. Since its establishment, it has attracted top talent from world-famous conservatories, fostering a professional atmosphere. Under the artistic direction of Yu Feng, the ensemble has cultivated a diverse repertoire that spans Western classical masterpieces and contemporary works, as well as traditional Chinese music.

The NBSO has participated in significant national events and toured internationally in Italy, Poland, Bulgaria, and South Korea, earning widespread acclaim. These performances have showcased Ningbo’s cultural charm and enhanced the orchestra’s global reputation. The orchestra’s commitment to cultural exchange and musical excellence has made it a pivotal force in fostering international understanding and collaboration through music.

The NBSO also dedicated to making classical music accessible through educational programs and citywide concerts. Its celebrated summer masters’ open class, “Aesthetic Education Enlightens Wisdom,” promoting music appreciation and nurturing future talents. Additionally, the NBSO hosts the Ningbo International Vocal Competition, a prestigious event recognized by the World Federation of International Music Competitions, attracting top artists from around the world and providing a platform for showcasing exceptional talent.


Conductor Yu Ji

Highlights of Concerts in Austria

In August 2024, the Ningbo Symphony Orchestra will perform in Vienna, Austria, reflecting its mission of cultural exchange. The program will blend Western and Eastern musical traditions, celebrating cultural diversity and the unifying power of music, promising a unique experience for the Viennese audience. The two concerts in Vienna will feature an exquisite selection of pieces that reflect the Ningbo Symphony Orchestra’s wide-ranging musical capabilities.

1st Concert on August 2, 2024 at the Concert Hall Muth

The concert will open with Mozart’s lively Overture to “La clemenza di Tito,” followed by Tan Dun’s “Concerto for Pipa and Orchestra,” featuring pipa soloist Yu Yuanchun. This piece blends traditional Chinese music with modern orchestral elements. The evening will conclude with Beethoven’s dynamic Symphony No. 7, showcasing the orchestra’s classical strength.

Pipia Soloist Yu Yuanchun


2nd Concert on August 3rd, 2024 at the Neue Bastei, Kasematten, Wr. Neustadt

The concert will start with Mozart’s Overture to “La clemenza di Tito,” followed by operatic arias from Verdi, Rossini, Mozart, Donizetti, and Gounod, performed by international soloists. Highlights include “Ecco l’animata natura” from Verdi’s “Don Carlo” and “Largo al factotum” from Rossini’s “The Barber of Seville.” The evening will end with Beethoven’s Symphony No. 7, demonstrating the orchestra’s excellence in symphonic performance.


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The 2023 Ningbo International Vocal Competition concluded successfully in Ningbo.

The 2023 Ningbo International Vocal Competition concluded successfully in Ningbo.

On the evening of December 11th, 2023, the 2023 Ningbo International Vocal Competition held its closing ceremony and award concert. After a five-year hiatus, Ningbo welcomed the world’s talented voices. 49 vocal stars from 18 countries gathered in Ningbo. Over a short span of 10 days, they went through multiple rounds of professional competition including preliminaries, semifinals, and finals. With superb singing skills and strong artistic charisma, they brought a grand artistic enjoyment to the local residents and once again attracted the world’s attention to Ningbo.

Ningbo International Vocal Competition Promotional Poster

Congratulations to Chinese participants Hong Zhenxiang and Cai Jingwen for winning first place in the male and female vocal categories, respectively. Russian participant Maria Arkhipova receives the Excellent Performance Award for Chinese Art Songs!

The organizing committee presents awards to the winning participants.

The organizing committee presents awards to the winning participants.


Secretary-General Florian Reim of the World International Music Alliance attended the closing ceremony and highly praised the host city of Ningbo for the competition. He stated that the Ningbo International Vocal Competition is currently the only vocal competition in China recognized by the World Music Competitions Federation, and it is one of the top international vocal competitions worldwide. It serves as an important platform for discovering vocal talents. With its profound cultural heritage and unique artistic quality, Ningbo has infused rich meaning into music, which is a universal language shared by humanity.

“In this International Vocal Competition, the contestants’ musical talent, professional level, and their love for music have left us with a very deep impression.” Professor Yuan Chenye, from the Voice Department of the Central Conservatory of Music and Chairman of the 2023 Ningbo International Vocal Competition Jury, expressed that to win in such a “high-standard, high-level” competition, it is not just about singing a few well-known songs. Contestants need to comprehensively demonstrate their musical foundation, abilities, and cultivation during the competition. “Displaying vocal skills is one part; the competition also tests contestants’ understanding of music, drama, literature, and characters. The performance of Chinese art songs in the semi-finals section serves to examine contestants’ comprehension of the essence of Chinese music and the unique charm of the Chinese language.”


Concert venue

Concert venue

Concert venue

Concert venue

Concert venue

Concert venue

Concert venue

The 7 award-winning contestants performing live on stage

This competition has become an important opportunity for Ningbo to further expand its international cultural exchange circle. Overseas accounts such as Ningbo Daily Media, Ningbo Culture and Tourism, and Ningbo Evening News actively followed the event schedule and collaborated to amplify the dissemination power, collectively releasing about 33 posts with over 357,000 views and more than 38,000 interactions. Additionally, the competition received attention and coverage from various mainstream domestic media outlets like Xinhua News Agency, Guangming Daily, Traveling in China, Chinese Art Newspaper, and Beijing Youth Daily. During the semi-finals, finals, and closing ceremony stages, Music Weekly, CCTV, People’s Daily, and local mainstream media conducted live broadcasts, with the total viewership exceeding one million.

South Korean contestant Ji Byeong-won, Hungarian contestant Sarah, and judge Daniel, an Austrian producer, along with other artists actively liked, shared, and posted with the hashtag #Ningbo on their personal accounts. Russian contestant Maria posted a photo of Ningbo’s old streets and praised ‘Ningbo is a very good city.’ Official accounts such as China Daily and China Culture also reported on the event, once again making Ningbo’s presence heard worldwide.

“The International Vocal Competition held in Ningbo has had a significant influence in the domestic and international vocal and music circles,” mentioned Yu Feng in an interview. In September this year, the 2023 Ningbo International Vocal Competition set up an overseas competition venue in Europe for the first time, attracting many high-level participants. “This year’s contestants include winners of the Golden Bell Award and the Tchaikovsky Music Competition. Their participation also reflects Ningbo’s continuous effort to build an international platform,” Yu Feng mentioned.

However, creating a world-class ‘stage’ is not accomplished overnight. In 2005, the third China International Vocal Competition was hosted in Ningbo. Since then, in 2008, 2011, 2014, 2018… until 2023, Ningbo has been associated with international vocal competitions for 18 years. Upholding this stage for 18 years has not only witnessed the growth of many vocalists but also nurtured their dreams.

On the opening night, Associate Professor Xiao Ma from Ningbo University’s School of Music arrived at the event and expressed heartfelt emotions: “Participating in this competition for the first time brought me to Ningbo… The International Vocal Competition fulfilled my musical dream and propelled me from Ningbo to the world.”

Yu Feng conducting

Moreover, the previous International Vocal Competition champion, Mongolian contestant Tsend-Ayush Amartuvshin, expressed his joy at returning to Ningbo: “Winning the 2018 International Vocal Competition was a significant turning point in my life.”

Amartuvshin recalled, “I love opera performance, so I signed up without hesitation.” Fortunately, winning the competition championship led to multiple renowned international opera houses, including the Yakut National Opera Theater in Russia, reaching out to him, hoping that his experience would inspire more people with musical dreams.

According to Yu Feng, for young individuals, the competition not only enhances contestants’ visibility but also serves as a cradle for discovering artists. “The competition’s jury selects and nurtures artists here.”

Music is a universal language and a bridge connecting different cultures. In the 2023 Ningbo International Vocal Competition, participants and judges from various countries gather to make friends through songs and unite through music.

Here, we witness emotional resonances that transcend borders.


The ACMA successfully held the Spring Concert of the Year of the Dragon at the Palais Palffy in Vienna

The ACMA successfully held the Spring Concert of the Year of the Dragon at the Palais Palffy in Vienna

“Under the brilliance of China, youth is magnificent; under the brilliance of China, thoughts are broad.” On February 23rd, the Austrian Chinese Musician Association (ACMA) successfully held the Spring Concert of the Dragon Year at the Parlf Palace in Vienna. Musicians and people from various circles in China and Austria gathered together, exchanging blessings with songs and piano melodies, celebrating the Lunar New Year of the Dragon in 2024, welcoming a brand new, peaceful, and blossoming spring.

Consul Jin Hui, Consul Wei Ting, Nancy Franco, Political Counselor of the Embassy of the Dominican Republic in Austria, Austrian National Councilor Mag Ruth Bechler, Dr. Wendelin Etermaier, Austrian politician and diplomat, Dr. Werner Fasslabend, former Austrian Minister of Defense, Ferdinand Tiefnig, member of the Austrian Federal Assembly, Hongbin Kaminski, Executive Secretary of the Austria-China Friendship Association, Jan Wei, Economic Advisor to the Austrian Federal Chancellor, political figures, diplomats, musicians, artists, representatives of major Chinese communities in Austria, and more than 130 people attended the concert. The concert was hosted by Sebastian Long, President of the European High-Tech Innovation Association and Director of the Austrian Innovation Ecosystem.

Austrian Chinese Musicians Association Long Qin  (second from left) with Austrian opera singer and world-famous open-air opera Operim Steinbruch St. Margarethen Artistic Director and Honorary President of the Australia-China Music Association Daniel Serafin (first from right), Nancy Franju (second from right), Political Counsellor of the Dominican Republic and the Embassy of the Dominican Republic in Austria, and Xu Yichi (first from left)

At the beginning of the concert, in a warm applause, the President of Austrian Chinese Musicians Association Long Qin with excited mood on the stage to deliver a speech. First, on behalf of all the members of the Austrian Chinese Musicians Association, she sent the most sincere and warm Chinese New Year wishes to the Chinese and Austrian guests. Long Qin said that the “dragon” is a symbol of Chinese civilization and a spiritual totem, carrying the beautiful meaning of courage, vitality and good luck. Dragon culture not only shines in China, but also has been brought to the world by overseas Chinese friends. Traditional Chinese programs such as dragon dance are favored by more and more westerners.

Speech by Long Qin, President of Austrian Chinese Musicians Association

Long Qin said that the core concept of the Austrian Chinese Musicians Association is to promote the cultural exchanges between China and Austria and enhance the friendship between the two peoples through music, a universal and beautiful language. We believe that by bridging the cultural gap between China and Austria, we can build deeper friendship and cooperation. We hope to use music as a catalyst to build a harmonious relationship that appreciates each other and thrives together.

Austrian opera singer, world-renowned open-air opera Oper im Steinbruch St. Margarethen artistic director, and honorary chairman of the Austrian-Chinese Musician Association, Daniel Serafin, expressed his enthusiasm during his speech at the event. He mentioned that during his visit to Ningbo, China last year, he was deeply impressed by the openness, inclusiveness, diligence, and professionalism of Chinese culture and people. He also learned that many Chinese musicians aspire to establish themselves in European cities like Vienna.

As the artistic director of Oper im Steinbruch St. Margarethen, Serafin emphasized that his responsibility is to discover and promote more outstanding musical talents, regardless of their backgrounds. The high-quality music performances and talents he encountered during his visit to Ningbo have strengthened his determination to engage in more cultural collaboration projects with China in the future. He aims to provide a global stage for Chinese musicians to showcase their talents.

Speech by Daniel Serafin, Honorary President of the Australia Chinese Musicians Association

Daniel Serafin said that promoting music and cultural undertakings in China and Austria will undoubtedly further promote the cultural and economic development of Austria. Therefore, he will remain committed to his role in the Austrian Chinese Musicians Association and invite all stakeholders present here to engage in deeper and closer cooperation with China and the Austrian Chinese Musicians Association.

Lan Gan solo singing “The Lantern Festival Night”

Xu Yichi solo singing “Ihr Stillen, Süssen Frau’n”

Sara Glawischnig singing ”This is Me“

Michael Kubi Mensah singing ”Rainbow Girl”

Angelo Pollak singing “Wien, Du Stadt Meiner Träume”

Prof. Christopher Hinterhuber interpretation “Die Moldau”

Liang Qijun interpretation “Happy Pamir”

Chinese and Austrian musicians singing “Me and My Motherland”

After the concert, Chinese and Austrian guests raised their glasses and exchanged New Year greetings. Wish Austrian Chinese Musicians Association continue to grow and develop, bless the music and culture of Austria and the two countries thriving, bless Austria-China friendship everlasting, bless each and every one present, Chinese, the best future!

The New Year’s Concert was sponsored byNingbo Helen Piano which is a Chinese brand in the world piano industry and Esterhazy which was a family brand during the 17th century Austro-Hungarian Empire. Thanks!

The 2023 Ningbo International Vocal Competition European Qualifiers was grandly held in Vienna

The 2023 Ningbo International Vocal Competition European Qualifiers was grandly held in Vienna

Since its inauguration in 2005, the Ningbo International Vocal Competition has evolved into a globally anticipated vocal event. It not only provides a platform for singers from diverse backgrounds to showcase their talents but also propels many young singers to fame on the international stage.

The 2023 Ningbo International Vocal Competition, jointly organized by the Central Conservatory of Music and the Ningbo Municipal People’s Government, will be held in Ningbo from December 2nd to 11th, 2023. This competition has attracted 417 high-level artists from 43 countries to compete for the highest honors.

Some of the contestants take to the stage to perform

Some of the contestants take to the stage to perform

Some of the contestants take to the stage to perform.

Some of the contestants take to the stage to perform.

Music is a language without borders, and the judging panel of the 2023 Ningbo International Vocal Competition consists of internationally renowned vocal masters who will listen, evaluate, and guide outstanding vocal artists from around the world. They will also lead the winners of the European preselection to China, to Ningbo.

The diverse and experienced judging panel will provide valuable guidance and feedback to the participants. The high-level judging panel ensures the highest musical quality of the event and fair, open judgment standards. Experts will help the participants bring their best performance to the 2023 Ningbo International Vocal Competition, achieving their musical dreams!

Outstanding music mentors

As the President of the Austria China Music Association, Ms. Long Qin introduced us to the relevant information about the event. She firmly believes that music is a form of communication that transcends language barriers. ACMA’s mission is to bridge the gap between Chinese and Austrian musicians, providing a platform for exchange. Music has the power to convey emotions and connect people from different countries. Ms. Long Qin has always seen music as a bridge that can link different countries and cultures, transmitting stories, voices, emotions, and cultural ideas. As the first President of ACMA, she integrates this belief into the association’s mission. She firmly believes that music can promote exchanges between musicians from China and Austria, strengthening the bond between the two countries.

The 2023 Ningbo International Vocal Competition European preselection has come to a perfect conclusion. Both the participants and domestic collaborators of the competition have praised ACMA’s organizational and promotional capabilities. Many artists look forward to participating in future competitions and becoming part of the ACMA family, letting their voices soar on the international stage! The 2023 Ningbo International Vocal Competition not only provides opportunities for young artists from around the world but also builds bridges for cross-border music and cultural exchanges. This vocal competition is not just a musical event but also an important platform for emerging talents in the vocal industry. It brings together outstanding vocal talents from around the world, conveying the beauty and emotion of music.

Finally, the Ningbo International Vocal Competition has come to a perfect conclusion. The contestants from different groups achieved excellent results, including second, third, and fourth places for female participants, as well as the Chinese Art Song Award. Congratulations to all!
ACMA will bring the most outstanding artists to China, to Ningbo, looking forward to more music, cultural exchanges, and collaborations in the future, telling the story of China, promoting Chinese classical and modern culture.


Central Conservatory of Music Visits ACMA

Central Conservatory of Music Visits ACMA

Vienna recently played host to a distinguished delegation from the Central Conservatory of Music, Beijing. The delegation, led by Director Feng Yu, was received in an elegant reception by the ACMA President, Simone Long. The focus of the evening lay on the crucial topic of collaborations within the cultural sphere.

In attendance were not only Director Feng Yu but also Ms. Ulrike Sych, Director of the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna (MdW), Ms. Susanne Kurz, former President of the Federal Council Austria, Ms. Hongbin Kaminski-Zhang, Executive Secretary General at the Austrian-Chinese Society for Culture and Friendship (ÖGCF), active Professor for violin at MdW Elisabeth Kropfitsch and many other outstanding personalities from culture and business.

The evening’s conversation centered around the exploration of various facets of cultural collaboration and the importance of continued engagement between Austria and China. The attendees outlined new pathways for future projects, emphasizing that these connections are not only desirable but vital in preserving and enhancing the universal language of music and art.

ACMA President Simone Long warmly received the delegation and expressed optimism for future collaborations. The congenial atmosphere, marked by inspiring dialogues, set the perfect tone for nurturing this significant cultural relationship.

Opening Ceremony of ACMA

Opening Ceremony of ACMA

We are thrilled to announce that the opening ceremony of the Austrian Chinese Musicians Association (ACMA) at Hotel Imperial was a great success. The event was attended by a multitude of esteemed guests, including Counsellor Yu Feng, Member of the National Council Ruth Becher, Former President of the Federal Council Susanne Kurz, Secretary-General of the Austrian-Chinese Friendship Association Zhang Hongbin, Daniel Serafin, Artistic Director of the Opera in the Quarry St. Margarethen, and many other renowned artists, celebrities, and entrepreneurs.


Picture: Director of International Affairs Central Music Conservatory Tao Qien (left), Director ACMA Qin Long (right)

Furthermore, we are excited to announce several collaborations with prominent Chinese organizations, including:

  • Harbin Conservatory
  • Harbin Music Association
  • Ningbo Symphony Orchestra
  • Ningbo Conservatory
  • Peking Conservatory
  • Wuhan Conservatory
  • Wuhan Music Association
  • Huazhong University of Science and Technology, School of Arts
  • Yangtze River
  • Chinese Musicians Association

We would like to express our gratitude for the overwhelming support, positive atmosphere, and assure you that ACMA will continue to pursue its vision tirelessly.